Fibroadenoma is the most common non-cancerous lump of the breast, present usually in young women. It presents as a breast lump and is sometimes painful as well. Multiple fibroadenomas can occur in same or both breasts at the same time. It looks like a firm, rubbery, lump that is easily movable under the skin.

Fibroadenoma of small size or not causing any discomfort or cosmetic deformity can be left alone and doesn’t require any Fibroadenoma treatment. A surgical removal will be advised if there is a sudden increase in size, abnormal biopsy results or if there is a concern for cancer.

Since this is a problem of young age, a surgery needs utmost attention and planning. At our center, treatment of fibroadenoma is done via small or hidden scars that carry no or minimal cosmetic change in appearance.


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