Breast Cyst Treatment

Breast cysts are fluid filled swellings that are present in the breast. They are a common finding in breast ultrasound between the age of 25-50 years. There is no specific reason for breast cysts but they are likely due to hormonal changes affecting the breast.

Breast cysts can present as vague lumpiness in breast, Painful lump or Multiple cysts in breast can be felt as painful and lumpy breast

If you are suffering from symptoms or have been diagnosed with a breast cyst, you should consult a specialist Breast Surgeon. Breast cysts are not cancerous, however a cancerous lump can be ignored in background of multiple breast cysts and hence a thorough evaluation is must. Small size, asymptomatic breast cysts are treated with medicines and supportive care only. A large or painful cyst can be aspirated, where the fluid inside the cyst is removed by a syringe. Sometimes a repeat aspiration is required before the cyst resolves completely.

A surgery is recommended as treatment of breast cyst, if ultrasound is showing suspicious features, if the cyst fills up again after aspiration or if the aspirate is bloody.

Breast cysts

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