Breast Scans

Breast scan refers to an imaging test which is used to look at your breasts. It is mostly used when the mammogram is not able to provide enough information about the breast cancer.

It is a type of nuclear imaging test which uses a small amount of radioactive matter during the scan. The radio active matter, known as tracer gives out gamma rays which in turn are picked up by the scanner to make images of your breasts.

Radioactive tracer might get collected in larger quantities in a particular region and it is known as “hot spots” and in the region where the tracer is not absorbed in enough quantity and appear less bright on the scan images are known as “cold spots”. Hot spots usually refer to the cancer cells in a breast scan.

Younger women can be diagnosed with breast cancer with the help of these breast scans as younger women have comparatively denser breasts than older women. The reason for denser breast tissues can be:

  1. Fibrocystic disease
  2. Fatty breast tissue
  3. Past breast surgery
  4. Radiation therapy
  5. Chemotherapy
  6. Biopsy
  7. Breast implants
Why breast scans are needed?

Breast scans are required when the results of a mammogram are uncertain or they are additionally used along with mammography.

Breast scans are usually done if you have any of the following:
  1. Tumor
  2. Infection (Abscess)
  3. Collection of blood called hematoma
  4. Cyst

It can also be performed to check how well the blood is flowing through your breast tissue.

Incase of breast cancer, breast scans can prove to be helpful in figuring out the stage of your cancer. It can also be used as a follow-up after surgery, chemotherapy or any other cancer treatment.

  1. Mammogram: Low dose X-rays are used in mammography to examine your breasts and create images of the same. There are two types of mammograms, among which the screening mammograms are used for women without symptoms and the diagnostic mammograms are used for women with areas of concern.

  2. Breast Tomosynthesis: 3-D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis helps with the close observation of dense tissues to a greater extent as compared with 2-D mammography. The probability of early diagnosis of breast cancer becomes easy with this technique. It can particularly also used for women with dense breasts.

  3. Ultrasound: An imaging technique that uses sound waves to create images of breast tissues, is known as breast ultrasound. The tissue composition and the blood flow in the areas of concern are disclosed by ultrasound as it assists radiologists in deciding their level of suspicion regarding these findings.

    Breast ultrasonography is a common, painless procedure to validate the areas of concern found on a mammogram or breast exam.

    A probe is placed on the skin of your breast while performing breast ultrasound. High frequency sound waves are sent via a probe into your breast, which is bounced back by the breast tissue and in turn produces echo waves. These echo waves are then converted to the images which are visible on screen of the ultrasound machine.

  4. Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography (CEDM): The combination of digital mammogram with the injection of a special dye called as contrast agent, is known as Contrast-enhanced digital mammography. These contrast agents are absorbed in more quantity by the cancer cells as compared to the surrounding healthy tissues and it becomes easy for doctors to detect cancers on the mammogram. CEDM is a new technology which is being analyzed for its use in the right population of patients as routine follow up procedure.
  5. Breast MRI: Breast MRI uses radio waves and a powerful magnet to create detailed pictures of breasts in the computer. Fluid is injected to improve the visibility of the area inside of the breast during an MRI.
Whom to consult for Breast Scans in Delhi?

Make an appointment with the best doctor in Delhi, Dr. Deepak Jha, if you have any persistent signs and symptoms that worry you. Screenings may be an option when the results of a mammogram are uncertain. Discuss the pros and cons of scans with the Best Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi.

Where can you find the Breast Cancer Doctor in Delhi?

Those with an uncertain mammogram or presence of tumors or cysts should consult a specialist who can offer them the right advice. With the right expertise and experience, Dr. Deepak Jha is Delhi’s best Breast Conservation Specialist who can provide you the best supportive care and

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