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Breast cancer is increasing all over the world including India. The treatments have improved with recent progress in medical inventions. If Breast Cancer is detected at an early stage your breast can be conserved and treated giving you maximum survival chances. Breast conservation treatment is usually recommended to only remove cancer lump and thus saving the breast. Usually, while conducting this kind of surgery some of the healthy tissues and lymph nodes surrounding the affected area are also removed. Best Breast Conservation treatment in Haryana/Delhi is done by Dr. Deepak Jha.Breast conservation treatment has many names such as lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, partial mastectomy or also known as segmental mastectomy and even breast oncoplasty.

With the evolution in breast conservation treatment or surgery Dr. Deepak Jha has created a favourable niche in Delhi, India. Dr.Deepak Jha is one of the few specialized doctors for Breast Conservation in the country.The invention of new technology has made breast conservation surgery easy to perform in women with small tumours. The breast conservation treatment has led to better quality of life of patients.

For the holistic treatment of breast conservation Dr Deepak Jha is well known in India as the one of the best breast conservation surgeons in India,Delhi.

Pointers to be kept in mind before opting for breast conservation surgery:
  1. The amount of the breast tissues to be removed will depend on the size of the tumour and its spread and other factors where your doctor will guide you.
  2. Usually in breast conservation treatment most of the breast will be conserved, but it will be more likely that the patient will need radiation.
  3. Some patients may also need other treatment like hormone therapy or chemotherapy.
  4. Breast conservation treatment does not affect your long term chance of survival rate.
  5. Inform your doctor before conservation surgery, if you wish to have a breast reconstruction surgery.
  6. Breast conservation surgery may not be possible in all cases.
  7. Be aware and knowledable about the possible side effects of breast conservation surgery.
Side effects of breast conservation surgery are as follows:
  1. There may be pain, feeling of tenderness in the operated breast.
  2. There may be some temporary swelling of the operated breast.
  3. There may also be scar which may be hard or a dimple at the surgical place.
  4. Sometimes the operated breast may swell because of fluid that may be getting collected which needs to be drained.
  5. The shape of your breast may change.
  6. There may be pain in areas like chest wall, armpit that may linger for quite some time.
  7. Lymphedema may happen if the lymphnodes are removed.
Can all cancer be removed?

This question will always linger in the patients mind.There is no definite answer to this.The doctor will try his best to remove all the spread of the cancer tissue and also some extra tissues surrounding it to be on a safer side. The tests will be done for clear margins from the collected tissues. In case of some cancer cells are found in the tests then mastectomy may be needed.

Care needed after surgery
  1. It is advisable not to do strenuous activity like lifting of heavy weights and exercise. You can go for light walks.
  2. Take proper care of the dressing at the operated site.
  3. You can use icepack to reduce the swelling.
  4. Avoid driving till you are on narcotics. You can restart once you are done with taking that.
  5. You should use your operated side of the arm. But avoid doing heavy exercise with the same.
  6. Follow the instruction and exercise given to you to regain your flexibility and strength.
  7. You can go back to your work schedule within three to four weeks after breast conservation surgery. But it also depends on patients overall health and recovery.
Diet you need to follow after breast conservation surgery::
  1. You can start your regular diet immediately.
  2. Have lots of fluids, water, fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating fatty food.
  3. Take help from the nutritionist.
Immediately contact your doctor in case of following:
  1. In case of pain which is not relieved even by medication.
  2. Persistent fever more than 100 degrees or chills.
  3. If there is excessive bleeding.
  4. Also if there is excessive swelling, consult your doctor immediately.
  5. The dressing starts bleeding.
  6. If there is discharge or bad odour from your wound.
  7. If there is some allergic reactions to any medication(s)
  8. If there is constant constipation.
  9. In case of anxiety or depression,
  10. If there is trouble getting sleep, you may need emotional support.
Follow up:

Follow up at the scheduled time with your doctor is extremely important. Make notes of the questions that you need to ask. The pathology test results usually take a week’s time and by that the doctor also will be clear about the treatment and your progress on recovery. On your first visit the dressing will be changed or removed.

Breast conservation surgery after surgery.

Most patients may need radiation therapy after the breast conservation surgery. Some may also need hormone therapy or chemeotherapy depending on the removal of the tissues and the pathology results after the surgery. The doctor plays a crucial role in deciding the line of treatment.

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