Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Women who have undergone breast removal surgery (mastectomy) for surgery may decide to have breast reconstruction surgery. When some or major part of the breast tissues are removed the reconstruction surgery will help them rebuild the shape, structure, and look of the affected breast. Your surgeon will be the best person to advice you on this surgery.

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Let us understand Breast Reconstruction surgery

As the name suggests Breast reconstruction surgery will help the patient by recreating breasts after a breast cancer surgery like mastectomy and lumpectomy. This surgery usually happens at the same time as breast cancer surgery. There are various techniques of breast reconstruction surgery. Some of the techniques of breast reconstruction surgery use implants, silicon or saline breast implants. Doctors also use flap of tissue retrieved from the body itself.

Breast reconstruction surgery helps women regain their body posture and confidence. . This will help her elevate her self-worth after mastectomy or even lumpectomy

This surgery leaves scars but they are often hidden and usually heal after some time. With invent of new techniques the scars have reduced. The surgeon will explain the procedure and the surgeon will try his best to get the original form and shape back. Always talk to your doctor about its side effects and risk factors. Dr.Deepak Jha has been renowned for his breast reconstruction surgeries.A major part of his patients visit him from outside India.

Things you should know before deciding the breast reconstruction surgery:
  1. The doctor or your surgeon may give you a choice between having the breast reconstruction surgery at the same time or later after the breast cancer surgery. It will be completely your choice when you would want to do this surgery as not everyone is comfortable undergoing this surgery at the same time.
  2. Always discuss with your surgeon about your expectation about the results of this surgery as the result may vary and may not be up to your expectations.
  3. The breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction surgery will leave scars. It will leave scar on the areas from where the tissue is removed from your belly, thigh, back areas or from your buttocks
  4. The reconstructed breast will not feel as your original breast. There may be or may not be any feeling there.
  5. The place from where the tissue is removed may also lose some feeling and may not feel the same as before. It may become more sensitive.
  6. Some patients may feel more pain and bleed more than other patients.
  7. There may be little blood flow in the area of surgery that might cause some or all areas of the breast skin or flaps to die after this kind of surgery. Therefore for healing surgery is often needed to fix the problem.
  8. In this the healing can be affected by previous surgery as chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.
  9. The healing can also be affected by smoking, diabetes, obesity, and other factors.
  10. Dr. Deepak Jha, best breast reconstruction Surgeon may suggest you wait to have reconstruction surgery, if you are smoker or have other health issues. It is highly recommended that you quit smoking minimum 2 months before reconstructive surgery. This will allow better healing. In case of obesity you may not have reconstruction surgery.
  11. The surgeon may suggest a surgery for the symmetry of your breasts.
  12. The type of breast reconstruction surgery will depend on the radiation and other part of treatment. This will limit the type of reconstruction surgery.
  13. Always meet your surgeon and understand your options of the reconstruction surgery.
After breast reconstruction surgery:
  1. After surgery you would be asked to stay in hospital for week to ensure your healing.
  2. You would be given a surgical bra. This will help in healing and give good support to your breasts.
  3. The caretaker should also be explained about the details to take care of your health. He would be briefed on managing your pain.
  4. Sometime you may need more surgery to balance both breasts.
Some of the risks involved in this surgery are as follows so be prepared:
  1. There may be decreased or no sensation in breast where surgery is done.
  2. There may be blood clots.
  3. Sometime the nipples or areolas may not be in symmetry. Therefore you may need more surgery.
  4. This surgery may leave scars.
  5. There may be death of the tissue from the flap.
  6. You may feel weakness, loss of sensation at the site of the surgery.

The surgery needs highly specialized skills hence ensure you go to a well recommended and experienced doctors like Dr Deepak Jha.He can explain the pros and cons. He can suggest the best line of treatment for you. His high skills and expertise can get you best results. Always be honest about the way you want to look after the treatment. Talk to him in case of there is infection

  1. If there is fever.
  2. If there is discharge from the wound.
  3. If there is change in colour of your breast.
  4. In case of severe pain.

The breast reconstruction surgery is important as it will help you to gain confidence. The body changes after mastectomy or lumpectomy. You will be the best person to decide if you would want to go for this surgery. If you decide, talk to your doctor openly about your expectations from the surgery.

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