Breast Pain

Breast pain is known as Mastalgia is a common complaint in young women. The pain can be generalised, or limited to one side or even a specific area of the breast. It is usually intermittent but can be continuous sometimes. Patient often complaint of pain or tightness around the menstural periods.

Fibrocystic disease/ Fibroadenosis often leads to breast pain. It is due to the effect of hormonal changes on breast tissue and is typically present around the periods. Patient may feel areas of lumpiness that get more prominent or painful around the periods. An ultrasound is usually advised to diagnose the fibrocystic disease of breast.

An infection can also lead to pus formation also called as Breast abscess. This is often seen in lactation period. Breast abscess treatment is done by a surgery leading to a big ugly cut and scar with long period of dressing. At our center, we treat breast abscess by “scarless method” to avoid any cut and regular dressing.

Swelling and pain in the underlying rib is often perceived as breast pain which can easily be managed.

Rarely breast pain can also be associated with breast cancer.

Each type of breast pain requires different treatment and identifying the right cause is of paramount importance.

Breast pain

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