Chemoport is a small medical grade titanium reservoir that is placed beneath the skin below the collar bone. This reservoir has a thin tube that is going inside the large veins in the neck or chest. This port can be used to inject chemotherapy and other medicines, to draw blood samples as needed, without the need for any iv canula.

How is a port inserted?

This is done by a small same-day surgery done under either local anesthesia or mild sedation. This can be placed as a separate surgery or as a part of breast cancer surgery. A small pocket beneath the skin is created where this disc shaped reservoir is placed. The connected tube is threaded into the neck vein so that the tip lies in a large vein inside the chest. After the surgery you will notice a slight bump in the skin where the reservoir port is present. The Doctor/ Nurse will feel this bump and insert a special needle here to start the medicine infusion. Since its completely covered, the patient doesn’t need to change in daily activity.

How is a port inserted


PICC line: It is a longer but thinner tube that is inserted into the vein, usually at elbow and tip placed in a large vein inside the chest. It requires a smaller procedure as compared to chemoport, but a portion is always exposed in the arm which needs regular dressing. The chances of clotting is higher and is usually adviced for shorter duration therapy


  • Comfort & convenience
  • No need for new iv canula for every chemotherapy or medicine
  • Less delay
  • Less risk of extravasation
  • Less risk of infection while bathing or other routine activities
  • Can be kept in place for longer time period


  • Small surgery needed to place
  • Can become infected
  • Can get blocked by clots
  • Small scar

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