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Breast Oncoplasty and other surgical techniques have allowed a larger proportion of breast to be conserved. However, sometimes the disease characteristics or patient’s wishes may lead to a mastectomy and the option of breast reconstruction is provided (Primary Reconstruction). Breast reconstruction can also be done if a mastectomy was done earlier in life and the patient now wishes to have her breast back (Secondary Reconstruction).


Breast reconstruction with flap surgery is a complex breast reconstructive option. A section of skin, muscle, fat and blood vessels from one part of your body is transferred to your chest to create a new breast mound. In some cases, the flap tissue may need implant augmentation to achieve the breast size.The reconstruction can be done either by your breast surgeon or a plastic surgeon working in close association with your breast surgeon.

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There are multiple options for a reconstruction procedure and you would be guided with regards to the option best suited to you. This is a complex decision taken after factoring multiple issues like body habitus, tumor characteristics and location, previous surgeries, further treatment required, etc. You would also be guided regarding pros and cons of the other available options, to help you reach a decision.

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Even though the aim is to recreate the natural breast, there are chances are the new breast won't look exactly like your natural one did. However, the contour of your new breast can usually be restored so that your silhouette looks similar to your silhouette before surgery.

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