diep free flap breast reconstruction

This procedure is the most advanced method of breast reconstruction and is even considered “the gold standard”. The procedure removes the excess skin and fat from lower abdomen along with its blood vessels. It is shaped as similar to the removed breast as possible and the tiny blood vessels are joined back in the armpit or chest to restore blood supply. This procedure has the advantage of replacing breast fat with body’s own fat and at the same give a “tummy tuck” where we all have excess fat.

How will it look after?

A scar around the new umbilicus and a horizontal curve scar in lower abdomen will be visible. These scars do fade with time.

breast reconstruction using your own fat


First 3-4 days are spent in hospital, where some activity is started under supervision. The patient may also be advised an abdominal binder. By third week, its expected that you would be able to do all the routine activities on your own.


  • Body’s own fat is used
  • It feels soft and warm – more comfortable, unlike the implant
  • Creates a more natural looking breast compared to implants
  • No chance of complications like implant rupture or capsule contractions
  • Muscle is spared hence reducing chance of hernia
  • Improved body image by a “tummy tuck”

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